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Unlock your Sales Data: Prioritizing Tangible Features Over AI Complexity

Posted 01.19.2024

Empower your Human Sales Team with Human-Centric Features for Accurate Sales Data and ERP Visibility

When it comes to evaluating business intelligence software and CRM solutions, the appeal of complex algorithms and AI can overshadow the true drivers of success. Companies in the industrial distribution and manufacturing industries need technology partners that are focused on their unique industry challenges, on delivering practical insights, streamlined workflows, and perhaps most importantly, accurate, close to real-time, accurate sales and ERP visibility. Features that should be prioritized are the most tangible and ultimately, ones that make your sales team actually use the platform and drive their success. Your software solution should empower you to manage relationships and opportunities, without the need for the complexity of AI, which can often overtake the core human components that drive sales.

Concrete Insights, Real-Time Visibility

A sales platform shouldn’t be a black box. Instead, it should give users full control and the capability to drill deep into your sales and ERP inventory data, all virtually in real-time. Whether you seek specific line items impacting an opportunity or a detailed customer order history, a simple and intuitive interface that seamlessly reports on your data is critical.

Efficiency through Deliberate Automation

Sales teams need the ability to rely on alerts, so opportunities don’t go missed and tasks overlooked. Automation doesn’t have to be complex, but they need to be timely, deliberate and enable you to focus on critical matters. A comprehensive sales platform should be capable of allowing users to set and control notifications, and keep your team engaged on important customer and prospect activities, encouraging quick responses and synchronization across your teams.

Transparent Transactions

You should expect visibility into every transaction, helping you identify revenue drivers, bottlenecks that are inhibiting your team, and trust that the data is accurate and updated with your ERP in real time. Having a platform that offers comprehensive insights across quotes, orders, deliveries, and invoices is crucial for providing the near real-time visibility necessary to make informed business decisions, maintain team focus, and generate rapid reports.

Data Visibility for Industrial Distributors and Manufacturers

Ultimately your platform should complement the humans using it. There’s no need to replace your sales team with an AI chat bot because your CRM and data platforms should enhance human work.

Rubber Tree Systems specializes in creating user-friendly, simple interfaces and customizable dashboards to manage sales and inventory, including drill-down capabilities in reporting that can be tailored to the individual user or role. Our team can adapt the platform to your specific needs and workflows, fostering a smarter working environment and sales success.

The Rubber Tree Systems  suite of software equips manufacturers and distributors with tailored tools, calibrated by your personal implementation team for success in practical settings. We help companies unlock their sales data and ERP visibility by ensuring penny-accurate data and transcending the limitations of complex and often unnecessary algorithms. Rubber Tree’s unified platform empowers you to reconcile and report on data from diverse sources, enhances your team’s efficiency and provides penny-accurate data allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible. Questions? Comments? We’d love to hear them. Feel free to set up a demo with our humans!

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