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Honesty. Innovation.
Reliability. Data.

We provide Software as a Service with an emphasis on customer support, combined with user-driven enhancements and features. We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden costs. We also believe in fun.

"At Rubber Tree, we strive to provide tremendous value to our customers and partners through our products and services. Our customer service is second to none in the distribution software industry. I believe this is what has made Rubber Tree successful over the last 18+ years."

Justin Kemper / President

Midwest Roots

Founded in 2006, Rubber Tree Systems was developed from a Midwest-based power transmission distributor.

Rubber Tree Systems has since grown our user base to over 10,000 end users on our mobile sales service giving over 800 distributors and manufacturers the opportunity to access their business system on their smartphones and tablets.

Over the past 18 years, we have successfully integrated over 21 ERP systems ranging from legacy Unix based systems to MS SQL systems.

Meet the Team

Justin Kemper


Uni Bryant

Director, Customer Success

Kim Bellman

Director, Customer Support

Zach Burhans

Technical Director

Matthew Kern

Director, Sales & Marketing

Ted Henry

VP, WarehouseTWO

Matt Zippilli

Senior Developer

CC Hadley

Senior Developer

Matthew Theisler

Technical Lead

Michelle Jones

Senior Systems Analyst

Joe Sass


Brian Conrad


Dave Gaj

Systems Analyst / Programmer

Tricia Kirgis

Senior Data Analyst

Alex Wortketter


Kyle Ruhe

Account Executive

Mikhail Zemelshtyn

Systems Analyst

Brian Russell

Application Support Specialist

Meg Shimek

Senior Application Specialist

Joseph Church

Data Analyst

Randy Calcaterra


Andrew Antonelli

System/Network Administrator

Megan Leathers

Senior Application Specialist

Jennifer King

Marketing Manager

Victoria Black

Application Support Specialist

Xandria Tan-Ouk

Application Support Specialist

Jenny Simon

Account Manager

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