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Streamlining Distribution and Manufacturing Business Operations with Data Visibility

Posted 04.24.2024

When it comes to driving growth, efficiency is crucial. Sales teams are on the road and in the office filling orders, supply chain is working on maintaining inventory, leadership is trying to tie inventory and sales together, accounting needs reports, and quickly.  Thanks to emerging Software-as-a-Service providers, processes have changed–  automation capabilities are developing and teams are growing more reliant on technologies. Manufacturers and Distributors are also in need of accurate, streamlined data visibility, especially from their ERP systems, to improve their operations. (Cue the Rubber Tree Systems suite of intuitive software solutions designed for this exact scenario, but we’ll get to that shortly.)

Exploring the Power of Data

Data has always been central to decision-making in distribution, but the systems distributors and manufacturers have traditionally relied on can be clunky and often hard to use for less technical members of their team. ERP platforms are rich with critical data but extracting that data hasn’t always been easy. What’s more, most businesses who rely on ERP platforms, don’t want everyone to have access to it, and want to cherry-pick the reports or fields that are needed by each user.  Often a bolted-on solution is necessary, but the solution should check all the boxes, and everything should be smoothly integrated. 

Quick Insights

One clear benefit about integrating data visibility software platforms is the ability to provide insights almost instantly. By seamlessly integrating with an ERP system and combining it with sales and other business data, companies can see what they need to, right away, and now have a “ground-truth” of data, accurate to the penny. This enables businesses to spot trends in sales and inventory, predict changes and act fast.  With the solutions like platform, stakeholders can access insights at their fingertips, enabling them to make the right decision quickly. 

Improving Efficiency and Accuracy

Manual processes are not only time-consuming but can also lead to mistakes. Data visibility and business reporting tools automate the more mundane tasks, such as customer tracking, order processing, and shipment monitoring.  This reduces mistakes and improves overall accuracy. By automating tasks, follow-ups, and critical reports, while standardizing processes, industrial distributors can save time and money, making better use of their resources. Platforms like can handle these automations, and enable this data access directly from an app on your phone, enabling users to access this data from virtually anywhere. 

Making Collaboration Easier 

In a complex distribution network, collaboration is important. Accessing data quickly and seamlessly helps increase communication and collaboration amongst teams, both within the organization and across the supply chain. By facilitating data sharing, these solutions enable real-time collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Rubber Tree Systems’ platform serves as a centralized hub where stakeholders can collaborate, share insights, and coordinate activities, fostering stronger partnerships and driving success. 

Did you also know that the WarehouseTWO inventory sharing platform from Rubber Tree Systems allows manufacturers and distributors to collaborate on available inventory with one another?  Through private, peer networks, members can post and search for inventory to buy and sell, enabling companies to move surplus inventory or identify available SKUs to fill orders fast and efficiently. 

Driving Strategic Growth and Innovation

Data visibility isn’t just about making things run smoother—it also helps companies grow and come up with new ideas. By looking at past data and predicting what might happen next, organizations can spot new opportunities and improve their products. Features like WebQuery’s Comparative Time Reports help businesses see where they’re headed and make smart choices. Whether it’s expanding into new areas or offering new products, having data-driven insights makes it easier to make big decisions and users can easily configure these reports from any SQL data source available to them. 

And finally…

As industrial distributors and manufacturers continue to grow and evolve, streamlined data visibility is more important than ever.  With the Rubber Tree Systems suite of industrial software designed specifically for businesses that utilize ERP systems, industrial distributors and manufacturers have the tools and technologies they need to harness and simplify their data and reporting, unlocking new opportunities for growth and market leadership.  By increasing data visibility, companies can navigate their own company’s trends with confidence, efficiency, and agility to drive growth.

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