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The Rubber Tree Systems suite of products is deployable in as little as three weeks with out-of-the-box usability and simple ERP integrations.

We can talk about how awesome we are all day long, but we know you want to hear from someone like you.

We recently transitioned to Rubber Tree from another CRM platform. Our implementation with Rubber Tree has been one of the easiest that I have dealt with over my 25-year career at Wyatt Seal. We have only been live on the system for a couple of months and I am continually finding new ways to use the software.

Whether it is to help our sales reps quickly access information about their accounts, stay on track with projects, or allow management to view critical information to drive decision-making processes, Rubber Tree has already proven to be a valuable addition. With our previous processes, determining sales for each of our sales reps could take up to a week of writing complicated queries. Now with Rubber Tree, I was able to get this information within minutes.

But overall, the biggest factor in making this transition successful has been the people. Every single person that I have spoken to at Rubber Tree has been professional, helpful and friendly. They are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the software is doing what we expect it to do. They have also been willing to work on enhancements to the software. This has been the biggest change for us. We feel like Rubber Tree is a true partner.

Scott McMillian / Manager / Wyatt Seal

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