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Optimizing Your ERP System: Key Takeaways from the Rubber Tree Systems Webinar

Posted 02.07.2024

Rubber Tree Systems recently hosted a webinar titled “Connecting Your Most Critical Data: Optimizing Your ERP System,” shedding light on how manufacturers and distributors can leverage a sales data and CRM platform like to enhance the efficiency of their ERP system. Hosted by Kyle Ruhe, Account Executive, and Uni Bryant, Director of Customer Success, the presentation covered various methods users can employ to optimize and streamline their ERP platform by integrating the Rubber Tree platform, creating a centralized hub that offers a unified view of their entire business.

Kyle and Uni pointed out that while working with teams utilizing ERP platforms, they often observe companies encountering limitations and struggles when relying solely on an ERP platform. Issues such as fragmented data, a sales pipeline isolated from the rest of the business data, and reporting confined within the ERP system are common challenges faced by manufacturers and industrial distributors. ERPs typically lack robust sales CRM tools and features, and may not cater to the needs of every individual within the company. If you conceptualize an ERP platform as the powerful electricity powering your business, then something like Rubber Tree Systems acts as the substation, directing employees to the right data, optimizing the ERP system, and facilitating a seamless flow of information that enhances efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integration: The Critical Component

A critical way companies can optimize their ERP system is through seamless integration with a sales and business data platform. Rubber Tree Systems offers a comprehensive solution bridging the gap between disparate systems, eliminating data silos, and enabling smooth information flow across the business and teams. This ensures that critical information is consolidated in one place, readily accessible and actionable, empowering teams to answer questions promptly and make swift decisions.

Enhanced Visibility: A Clearer Picture of Your Business with Improved Reporting Capabilities

ERP platforms sometimes suffer from clunky and inefficient reporting capabilities. A sales data and business intelligence platform can offer features that enhance ERP reporting. Integrating your ERP into a platform like Rubber Tree Systems ensures accurate data, allowing you to delve into various reporting options relevant to your business, easily created within a few clicks.

Some pre-built reports commonly used by Rubber Tree Systems’ customers include:

  • Sales rep performance
  • Product-level sales
  • Location data
  • Branch trends
  • Customer trends
  • Product buying trends
  • Item-level trends
  • Upsell opportunities

Single Source of Truth: Trust Your Data

By consolidating data from various sources into a centralized hub, Rubber Tree Systems becomes the single source of truth for your entire business. You can rely on the Rubber Tree platform to overlay business data with sales information, keeping your team informed about customer demand, sales trends, and more.

Boosting ERP Efficiency and Productivity

Seamlessly integrating your sales platform can eliminate redundancies between systems and provide more sales tools than a standalone ERP platform. You can view all your business and sales data through easy-to-build dashboards, set up custom notifications to alert you on ERP changes and inventory movement, and some ERPs even allow “writing back” into them. This helps optimize inventory levels, minimize overstocking, and plan production accordingly. Near real-time visibility enables stakeholders to gain valuable insights into operational efficiency, sales performance, and customer behavior, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Customer-Centric Approach: Building Lasting Relationships

With integrated sales and CRM functionalities, Rubber Tree Systems enables a customer-centric approach to business operations. Personalized sales engagements and proactive customer support can cultivate long-lasting relationships and drive customer loyalty. Sales features that enable you to “bring your ERP data on the road,” by mapping customer locations and planning your sales route, along with an app that works across mobile devices, ensure all your customer information is always accessible. Access to detailed customer insights allows for quick, accurate visibility into upselling and cross-selling opportunities, enabling immediate recommendations, inventory updates, and information on orders.

Scalability and Flexibility: Adapting to Your Growth

Whether you’re a small-scale distributor or a large-scale manufacturer, Rubber Tree Systems offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs. As your business grows, the platform seamlessly scales to accommodate increased demand and complexity, while also growing with your team. The platform is simple to navigate, trusted by users to provide accurate data, highly configurable for each user, and permission-based to ensure ERP data security, providing every team member with precisely what they need.

If you’d like to view the webinar on-demand, feel free to do so here.

If you’re interested in booking a demo on the platform and exploring more of our sales features like customized notifications, dashboards, reporting, and more, please contact us here.

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