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5 Tips for Rolling Out CRM and Sales Tools to Your Team

Posted 03.04.2024

Uni Bryant, Director of Customer Success at Rubber Tree Systems is filling us in on some of the tips she recommends for companies trying to roll out CRM and Sales software platforms, since launching hundreds of industrial distributors and manufacturers onto the Rubber Tree Systems Platform.

If your CRM and sales software roll-out is not providing the results you expected, it might not be your sales team’s fault!

Here are some tips I’ve gathered since launching hundreds of customers on CRM platforms:

1. Make it as EASY as possible, especially for the initial launch

✅ Create a list of everything you think you want your team to do, log, create and update

✅ Separate the list by NEEDS vs WANTS. Just because your CRM offers every bell and whistle you can think of, doesn’t mean you should implement them all at one time. People who are averse to change or technology need baby steps

✅ Start simple! Maybe just updating contact information and logging sales meetings so they get the hang of it and can create good habits around those actions,  then add in more after time, like adding other types of activities and managing opportunities.

❌ Don’t over complicate the process or have too many options that aren’t well defined. I see many customers giving their reps too many options. Have the simplest forms possible, because if the forms are too cluttered or there are too many fields to fill out, they won’t use it.

2. Set expectations early on and give them a voice in the process

✅ Tell them what you plan to do and tell them the roll out is going to be a phased approach, so they aren’t overwhelmed by learning a new platform while trying to support customers

❌ Don’t keep them in the dark and expect buy-in!

3. Find champions and let them help guide the implementation

✅ You do have people on your team that are passionate about your company, your products, technology, processes and data. Find them, ask them to be an integral part of the process to launch CRM, allow them to provide valuable input and then use them and their passion to launch your CRM.

Pro-tip: The Rubber Tree Systems implementation team is HERE and ready to help you with the process as well. Lean on your provider, as they have done this hundreds of times and should be able to provide best practices specific to your industry and needs!

❌ Don’t expect someone without a vested interest manage your CRM software. If your admins aren’t using the product on a daily basis, they can’t help monitor usage, answer questions or make the product more efficient for the team.

4. Configure the site for how your company runs and how you do business

✅ Take the time to evaluate your business needs, processes, and nuances. Know your processes or lack thereof (so they can be established) and then replicate CRM workflows based on those. The right sales tool (ahem, Rubber Tree Systems does this) will help you configure the system to meet your needs and drive user adoption.

❌ Don’t try to recreate the wheel or copy someone else’s process as I see this all the time. “XYZ company is similar to ours and they are successful, so I want what they do.”  That literally almost never works. Your company IS unique, so figure out how your team can best benefit!

5. Don’t be afraid to regroup, reconfigure and relaunch CRM the right way

✅ Re-evaluate periodically so your setup and processes match your expectations

❌ Don’t be afraid to rip it apart and do it right moving forward. Your team will appreciate this versus being stuck with bloated overcomplicated workflows that don’t seem to have value. The Rubber Tree Systems support team can help you regularly update your instance, and make sure it’s doing the most for you.

Next Steps?

Feel free to contact us for more information or for a demo of the Rubber Tree Systems sales and business information platform.

Rubber Tree Systems customers: We’re happy to help ( have discussions and provide training to your teams (always complimentary). We want our customers to have a seamless ERP and CRM integration, sales tools that are accessible and WORK, and of course, happy customers.

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